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                                               About Yoann

Yoann was born in Canada from Italian and French parents. He was brought up to be a tennis player and that journey led him to live in Canada and France, with a brief spell in Florida. He studied at Virginia Tech in the U.S. on a full scholarship as part of the university's tennis team, and after retiring as a professional tennis player at 23 years old, he went on to obtain a Master's degree in International and Sustainable Development from Laval University in Québec, Canada.

He now lives in Wales, United Kingdom, where he owns and manages holiday lets with his wife and three children. He lives on a smallholding in the middle of the Welsh countryside, along with his cherished flock of chickens.

First major publication

My first major publication was actually in French. It was a science fantasy novel titled Le Déclin de l'Ordre de Qandor, and was traditionally published by Edilivre in September 2016.

Debut novel

FLAKES OF FIRE, my epic fantasy novel, was published on 15 September 2020

by a small SFF press, Azure Spider Publications.

Back cover blurb:

A young sorcerer embarks on a dragonslaying journey to prove himself to his father. 

A solitary woodsman undertakes a hunt of his own to protect his village from the dragon, armed only with a bow and deep rooted cynicism.

A slave escapes with the world's most dangerous weapon: a firestone.

The death of a god threatens to sink the world into chaotic darkness. 

Freedom and glory are within reach, but at what cost?


Published short stories

Though not publications, my science fiction stories titled Bangor-Canker, andMarrakesh, 2651, along with my historical fantasy story titled Orin the Hunchback, or The Rise of the Cripples were an Honorable Mention for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest 1st quarter (October-December 2019), 4th quarter (July-September 2020), and 3rd quarter (April-June 2020) respectively.


Published in The Crystal Sword, and in The Scarlet Leaf Review, in April 2016.

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: A female slave accidentally finds the world's most dangerous weapon, a firestone, and decides to keep it, risking discovery and an immediate sentence without trial. She struggles to decide how to use it, even after witnessing firsthand a servant's punishment for the same crime.

The Thracian's Spark

Published in eFiction India in January 2015.

Genre: Historical fiction.

Summary: A theory as to where Spartacus' motivation for revolting against the Roman Republic may have originated. A gladiator fight in the arena unlike any other.

The Phone Call

Published in The Scarlet Leaf Review in April 2016.

Genre: Contemporary fiction.

Summary: A father receives a terrifying call: his son, then backpacking across Southeast Asia, has been arrested in Cambodia for illegal possession of drugs, where capital punishment is common for this type of crime. He journeys to Cambodia to try and rescue his son.

A Zebra in Piccadilly Circus

Published in The Copperfield Review, and in eFiction India, in February 2015.

Genre: Historical fiction.

Summary: The day of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an elderly man comes out of jail after having spent most of his life behind bars for a wrongful conviction. He witnesses a world entirely different from the one he knew.

The Murder of the Republic

Published in The Copperfield Review in February 2015.

Genre: Historical fiction.

Summary: A 600-word story which plunges the reader into the last moments of the Roman Republic. It describes the atmosphere as Gaius Julius Caesar was murdered by his peers.

Please Bow Before Her Majesty the Pound Sterling

Published in eFiction India, in July 2016.

Genre: Contemporary fiction.

Summary: A financially struggling bookseller, on the brink of becoming homeless, faces temptation as he closes the bookstore, standing over an open till's bank notes. The story follows his moral conflict and quandary as he deals with his conscience and the consequences of his actions.


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